Military Discount Programs

Special Pricing for Military and Law Enforcement Personnel (Active, Retired & Reserve)

The Academy of Police Science & Protective Services (NSETC) greatly respects and appreciates the sacrifice, dedication & commitment of our Military and Law Enforcement Personnel. To honor these men and women for their service, NSETC offers a 15% discount on all course fees for Military and Law Enforcement Men and Women. To take advantage of this discount you will need to make your purchase from the discounted courses below.

Do not purchase the items below unless you've provided proof of service or employment...

To obtain a Military and Law enforcement discount please email a copy of your DD-214 and/or Military I.D., and/or Law Enforcement ID and/or any other documentation that can serve as evidence of your service to When emailing, please indicate your contact information which will have to match your customer information used to purchase the course.

Be sure to submit proof of service or employment prior to making the purchase in order to obtain a usename and password required to access the online courses.

Online CA. Security Guard Card Course Price: $ 21.25 Quantity:
Module II Online Course Price: $ 42.50 Quantity:
Module III Online Course Price: $ 42.50 Quantity:
Chemical Agents Permit & Course Price: $ 14.87 Quantity:
Exposed Firearm Training Course Price: $ 27.63 Quantity: